Is Anyone Else NOT Ready for Back-to-school?

So this week, along with the rest of the country, the Beans go back to school.  A few oddball schools out there started early, but on the whole the majority head back this week.  Like the Beans, I’m left with mixed feelings about the whole back-to-school thing.  Back before the Eid, we got all the books ready and had them covered (and activity I outsource these days feeling that it is better to pay someone to cover 90 books than do it myself).  We bought the needed supplies.  Our last back to school activity is writing Bean names on all of their various things… you know, pencils, clothes, rulers, etc.  Now, if it were up to me, the activity would be done already.  Happily (or sadly depending on perspective) JujuBean wants to “help.”  As a result, the items sit on the table waiting on time and energy.

I know the Beans are pleased to be headed back to school to see their friends (whom we have seen far less than we would have liked) and learn new things.  But, I also know that like me they dread being back in the round of never-ending activities.  Between school, homework, tutoring, and the like, there’s so little time to go around.  The Beans miss playing free-style.  I miss time to just veg and do nothing.  But like them, I’m excited about getting back into my daily routine.  Drop off kids, head to gym, run errands, you know the stuff of daily lives.  I find myself unable to be fully excited about the whirlwind that is about to overtake us.  It’s kind of like in the movies when the hero is riding just ahead of a huge sandstorm and looking for shelter.  That’s how I feel today.  but, it’ll go fine and the kids will have great teachers this year… at least if I can will it they sure will.  Here’s wishing you…

Happy School Days!


2 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else NOT Ready for Back-to-school?

  1. Happy school dayz!! Hey, I want to take you out for cheesecake for your birthday, a little late, but thought we’d try Auntie Hanady’s now that Ramadan is over. I still have your card in my purse. ARG. School days=morning dates!

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