The Last Day of Summer… Sigh.

So, we’re lucky.  Unlike most schools we got a bit of a reprieve for new students to start so today is our last day of summer.  We’ve actually been doing pretty much the same things we did all summer, maybe just putting them into one day ;).  I find that somehow as the end of summer arrives I’m stuck thinking about all of the things I DIDN’T do with the Beans rather than those I did.

I had planned on doing some focus on English writing and science projects.  Neither happened pretty much at all. We did get some focus on reading in both English and Arabic (more in English) and made progress in reading fluency.  I also didn’t finish my household divesting.  So, I’m facing more didn’ts than dids.  But, the things we did do were pretty awesome as well.

As I mentioned, today was perhaps a typical day.  I slept late and the Beans got up early and played themselves silly (including a Wall-E tournament on the PS3).  Once El 3atal got back from the gym, he took the Beans to the park to get some exercise and physical fitness.  Junior Bean practiced on his brand new bike (complete with flames on the side) that no longer has training wheels.  In just 3-4 sessions, he’s becoming a pro.  JujuBean is also improving in her riding abilities and we’re discussing a new bike for her as well.  Sadly, ButterBean has no real interest in bikes, so we’re still deciding what to do there.

After returning from the park, the Beans had lunch and then El 3atal, HelperBean, and I were cordially invited by ButterBean to a tea party.  Although her plan was to use plastic toys for a pretend tea party, I rather convinced her that fine china would be more fun.  So, we broke out the old floral tiny cups (think Arabic coffee sized but very English style) and the cow pitcher and the brownies and went to town.  After ButterBean’s tea party, JujuBean and then JuniorBean each held a tea party.  What fun.  Now they’re playing on their computers and having a grand time with that.  I expect to read stories and get to bed on time so that we’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for school tomorrow ;).

All in all, like many people – parents and students alike – I’m feeling bittersweet about the start of school.  I’m glad that the kids will be back to full-time instructed learning and playing with friends, but I’ll miss these lazy days of summer which have such a different feel to them.

Happy Dark Chocolate (you know, bittersweet)!


2 thoughts on “The Last Day of Summer… Sigh.

  1. Our summer is filled with more didn’ts than dids as well.. but we DID have a wonderful summer and a lot of fun, so that must count for something!

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