A Time for Weighting…

So, in case you’ve been wondering, I’ve just been lazy.  Nothing big going on, regular back to school week and such.  But somehow, all of the blog post ideas I’ve had (and there really have been MANY) just didn’t push me enough to actually post.  On the way to school on Thursday, the kids were thinking about past years.  We’ve done so many different combinations of options for pick-up that it’s crazy.  They started thinking about how when the TwinBeans were in KG2, ButterBean would come to their “waiting room”.  As the name implies, it’s a place that the kids can hang out until mom or dad come to pick them up. When you have an hour’s difference in pick-up times and don’t live close to the school, the Waiting Room takes on new meaning and importance.  In the course of the conversation, Junior Bean pipes in with “Hey, Mom, remember the weighting station.”

Since we move to Jordan, I’ve been amused and tickled by the truck Weigh Station on the road up from the Dead Sea.  In the US, these are plentiful on all of the Interstates.  Here in Jordan, I’ve only ever seen the one.  But, it’s not a Weigh Station like you find in the US (see picture below)

In Jordan, we’ve got a Weighting Station, as seen here:

The funny thing about this is that the next sign (in 1/2 a KM) is for the Weighing Station.  So, this sign is a bit of a one-off.  But, I still find myself if, in typical governmental bureaucratic fashion worldwide, this station actually is a waiting station…  At any rate, a little morning giggle and…

Happy Weighting!


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