A Last Honoring of Ramzi

As long-time readers will know, annually on September 11, I post about Ramzi Doany.  He is the brother I never met.  He was lost in the World Trade Center.  Since moving to Amman, I’ve had the opportunity to meet his mom.  I’ve also had the chance to see other family members in passing.  It brings home to me how small Jordan is and how close we are.  And it’s interesting that both Jordanians who died were Christian.  We’re a small, rather close community that lost two of our sons in the events of that tragic day.

Ramzi has been close to my heart since the minute I heard that he was in the WTC.  But this year will be my last tribute.  As you may gather from my post just at the turn of the day, I believe it is time to move the public spectacle into the hearts and minds of those who were directly and terrifyingly impacted.  So, on this last day, I’d like you to meet my brother Ramzi.  I never met him, and yet I certainly feel as if I must have.

Ramzi was a numbers guy at Marsh McClennan.  He traveled the world working for them. He lived large and got the most out of his days.  He regaled people with his wit and humor.  And, I really, really wish I had met him.  Somehow I think we would have gotten along well.  So, here’s Ramzi and his family.  My prayers are with you as you face this terrible anniversary.  My love is with you and I know that you will all be just fine.  Take care and know that every year, although I won’t be blogging it, I will still be thinking of Ramzi and remembering his heart and spirit.

Happy Ramzi!



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