McDonald’s Demonstrates the Ugly Side of Jordan’s Customer Service… Sigh.

So, last night I went to play cards with Teta and AuntieBean.  So that I didn’t end up spending time at home eating, we decided to order in from McDonald’s.  It’s not something I commonly do, and now is something I simply won’t do… period.  It highlighted to me the issues they have with customer service.  These issues run rampant, you understand.  Their handling of problems is just… well… junk.  You need someone decent from somewhere else to train their people, that’s for sure.

Basically, we waited quite a good bit of time (and TetaBean actually lives rather close to the McDonald’s… let’s call it 5 blocks or so).  Once they came, they brought the wrong thing.  NephewBean placed the order for a Big Mac, a hamburger, and 2 large fries.  In their infinite brilliance they brought a cheeseburger.  What is this country’s obsession with cheese?  Now, I know this is a common problem because the less-than-bright people at their locations often respond to an order for a hamburger (Beef Burger, mind you, because they’re not even bright enough to get hamburger) by asking if you want cheese on it.  Really, if I wanted a cheeseburger, I’d have said cheeseburger, don’t you think?

When TetaBean called to apprise them of the mix-up, the response was to get the tape of the order and play it back to demonstrate that we are mistaken in what we ordered.  Ok, I get that they may have challenges upon occasion, but can I simply say that proving to a customer that they are wrong may save you the cost of replacing incorrect food items, but it won’t win you repeat business.  TetaBean and I have an ongoing disagreement over who said what on the tape (NephewBean never said cheeseburger, the idiot that answered the phone repeated NB’s order for a burger 3adi (plain or regular) as a cheeseburger 3adi sandwich, right?).  But the bottom line is that when a customer calls with an error like this one, I asked for a hamburger and you sent a cheeseburger, the right response is, “I’m so sorry ma’am.  We’ll send a replacement right out.”  Never, ever should any company respond with, “Let me prove that I’m right and you’re wrong.”  This would absolutely be losing the war but winning the battle.

The upshot of the customer service snafu on this one is that I won’t eat McDonald’s in the future.  Imagine an American saying boycott McDonald’s until their supervisors and managers are properly trained and get their heads out of their nether regions… but I say boycott McDonald’s.  Not because of some tenuous and ineffective link to Israel, but because their service personnel are very poor excuses who rather than provide service have a mandate to save money.  Rarely do those two make good bedfellows…

Happy Boycott!


8 thoughts on “McDonald’s Demonstrates the Ugly Side of Jordan’s Customer Service… Sigh.

  1. Upset much?

    J/K. You’re right – that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. McDonald’s is owned by Armoush Tourist Investments, Ahmad Armoush. Escalate your complaint!

  2. Well, no. And I guess I wouldn’t have the energy or time to look for it either, especially since they probably wouldn’t bother responding anyway (remembering the last time I tried to go the corporate email route in Jordan… *sigh*)

  3. I stopped expecting professional customer service in Jordan a long time ago. Why keep beating a dead horse? Next week, I’ll be in the USA and it’s Taco Bell all the way

  4. You know, i hope one day someone just snaps out and go to there HQ and make a scene for them so they know people aren’t a toy in there hands. They make the mistake and discuss it with you and try to throw it on your back? this is so lame!

    Happy boycott for real, homemade burgers and fries are way more better then Mac or any other restaurant, at least the meal will have some love and soul in it.

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