The Unwitting Kidnapping…

So a couple of weeks ago, we had quite the unintended excitement in the Bean family. In fact, we caused the excitement.  I have been helping out a friend with a very ill family member.  We’ve cooked a meal (and today two) and helped bring their oldest daughter to a friend’s house to make it easier for after school pick-up as the end times are different for their girls.  So, one day I got to the school and found JujuBean and LittleCutie standing outside the door on the curb, where I always pick them up.

Although my friend who’s been arranging assistance for the family didn’t call, I assumed she simply got busy and forgot.  I mean, what with 2 big kids and a baby, it happens to all of us.  So, when LittleCutie hopped in the car, I took off to get her over to the meeting point.  In all actuality, the first time I did this maneuver, we met at a third friend’s house (don’t ask it’s complicated).  So, when we were nearly there, I called my friend and said I needed the final directions.  Her confused “You do?” raised alarm bells in my mind.  I explained that yes, I was dropping off LittleCutie whom I had picked up at the school with JujuBean.  Apparently she had not forgotten.  Mom or Dad was picking her up ;).  Yikes!  So, I had inadvertently taken this girl from school.

Not five minutes later, while mutual friend was calling Mom to tell her LittleCutie had come with me, the school was calling me to ask if I had her.  I explained that I did and apologized most profusely for the mix-up.  (They were rightfully upset and explained very carefully (because clearly I am slow, teehee) that Mom and Dad must send a note.)  Seems Dad was there and wondering where in the world she was.  Sigh.  Trying to do a good turn, I made life a tad more complicated for such sweet friends who need help (not accidental kidnappings).

It turns out that Jujubean, assuming that LittleCutie was coming with us, had stopped at her activity and told her to come along.  She assumed that was fine and hopped on in the car.  Color me red (for serious embarrassment).  I can tell you I apologized most profusely to both mom and dad when I saw them next.  I also got to meet lovely Grandma.  Her take on the situation was perhaps the best view of it that can be taken.  “How wonderful,” she said, “that she has so many people that she feels safe and loved with.”  Thanks, Grandma.  That almost makes me feel better.  But I’ll tell you, no more assumptions when picking up other folks’ kids.  After all, I wouldn’t want someone to take my Beans without me knowing…

Happy Unexplained Disappearances!


2 thoughts on “The Unwitting Kidnapping…

  1. I agree that the your unwitting “kidnapped child’s” grandmother saved the day with her lovely comment.
    What a mix-up. May the Lord bless you for the seeds of kindness you’re sowing.

    • Thanks Olive. I just hate when good intentioned deeds go so wrong. And the Lord is definitely blessing me through this wonderful family and their response to the situation. That’s the one thing I’m certain of ;).

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