Exclusive Bank Park? What is GAM Doing?!

So, I was invited to a park playdate a couple of weeks ago.   wanted to go but we had a birthday party and timing was too tight.  As a result, we weren’t able to attend.  I found out today that it was probably a very good thing.  One of my lovely friends who went came across the most ridiculous situation…

They decided on the new GAM park between Abdoun Mall and Salad House/Crumz.  It’s a very nice new park.  However, I have to admit that every single time I’ve been by, it’s been closed.  They went in the afternoon, say 3:15.  They got out the bikes and scooters and such and let the kids roam.  Barely 15 minutes later, the caretaker of the property came over and informed them that they would need to leave.  It seems that this park is the Housing Bank Park.  It is only open when the bank is open.  My friend (who is no shrinking violet) pointed out that their oh so generous hours (9:30-3:30, closed weekends and holidays) are exactly when kids are in school.  The caretaker seemed both embarrassed and unhappy that his job was to enforce such foolish hours.

So, I ask you, GAM whose money did you waste on this brain fart?  Did the bank pay the full price?  Is the intention that I, as a parent, simply bring my kids to the bank and drop them off?  Perhaps their tellers are doubling as babysitters?  Can I drop the kids and go eat as long as it’s during bank hours?  Because, otherwise, I simply don’t get a private park funded with public money.  And if the bank paid the whole amount, that’s something… but it’s something I seriously doubt.  And if not, how do the GAM taxpayers benefit from a park with children’s slide and lovely areas that kids can’t use?  Another day I’ll rant about parks in general and the selling of our children’s childhood to the (highest?) bidder.  Talk about a waste of money.

Happy public/private foolishness!

4 thoughts on “Exclusive Bank Park? What is GAM Doing?!

  1. Oh please please please post this on facebook, or the Housing Bank page, if there is one and that is accessible after working hours or on weekends :p. Despite the fact that you got the bank’s working hours wrong (8:30-3:30) but you so eloquently said what I’ve been dying to say since that fateful afternoon!!!

  2. It took me some time to figure out what does GAM stand for 🙂
    I think there are two possibilities here:
    First, if the land and the money to build the park is for the bank then it is a private property. They can dedicated to their customers usage only and decide when to open and close.
    Second, if the land belong to GAM but the park was funded by the bank, the park belong to GAM and it should have the same business hours like the rest of GAM’s parks.
    But from what I read it seems the property caretaker is the bank employee which indicates that this is a private park. am I right? Although, it would be a good business advertisement if the bank opens the park to public but they are not obliged to that.

    • Jaraad, nope. Definitely GAM. Initially the park was billed as GAM alone. Suddenly they put a bank location in the park… then the hours became bank hours. Unless GAM sold the property tot hem like 3 years after starting the park… and with what I’ve seen of GAM it’s possible. Arrrgggh.

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