Top 10 Reasons to Write A Novel during NaNoWriMo

Okay, so in the spirit of the National Novel Writing Month ( awareness theme, I’m doing a top ten list.  In Jordan, there are far too few writers.  The Arab world in general produces far too few.  So, let’s get something going.  You can write in ANY language and any genre.  So, really there’s no excuse, join the craziness today.  And now, for the top ten reasons you should write a novel (and do it during November)…

  1. You can finally call yourself a writer and not be blowing smoke up someone’s… well… you get the picture.
  2. You can gather with like-minded crazies during write-ins and see how many other maniacs there are in Jordan willing to write 50,000 words in a month.
  3. You can surpass the annual average of reading just by reading what you wrote the day before… you’ll pass it in a day.
  4. You can create new business cards calling yourself novelist… and mean it.
  5. It’ll impress the ladies if you can put 50,000 words on a page that don’t include grunts and huhs (fellas, that’s for you).
  6. You may find a new source of income to help you through these rough economic days.
  7. You don’t actually have to complete the novel to win… just surpass 50,000 words.
  8. Doing a write-a-thon requires MUCH less effort than a walk-a-thon… this is the place for fundraising for the lazy.
  9. Once you’ve printed your final work, you’ll have firewood for the winter ;).
  10. And the last (and best) reason to write a novel is to show MommaBean you aren’t a slacker!

So, get out there and sign up today.  Commit to broadening your horizons… or just do it to shut me up already, teehee.  Here’s hoping you’ll learn to say it like you mean it.

Happy Self-Expression!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Write A Novel during NaNoWriMo

  1. Can you actually fit 50000 words on a single page?

    I will one day write a book (not a novel) entitled “The Myth of Arab Democracy” but not now as I consider work opportunities in northern California.

    • Joe, No, you can’t fit 50,000 words on a single page (unless it’s really, really tiny print). But, it could be fun trying… Write that book, but hey, start next month with a novel… good practice, teehee. Hope the opportunities are all you want them to be.

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