Full moon for a full month?

So, for the last month or more people have been driving crazy… even for Jordan (and trust me, that’s saying something).  In one day alone last week, I saw:

  1. A mom alone in her station wagon with her two kids driving with them in the trunk
  2. A traffic jam caused by a guy who overheated his car and managed to stop it blocking the entrance to a busy circle in morning rush hour traffic.  No worries, he didn’t try to push it out of the way, he was deep in the middle of trying to fix it!
  3. 3 near misses that day with people who turned from side streets onto main streets without looking
  4. Another circle entrance blocked by a woman in a car who stopped in the middle of the entry lane to ask directions of the police officer.  Again, no worries he didn’t ask her to park in the empty circle.  Instead he proceeded to give her detailed directions.  Sigh.

All in all, it’s been a crazy month or more for driving.  Then, yesterday, I bumped into the mom of one of the Bean’s friends who had had an accident where someone opened the door as she was driving by and hopped right out.  In an effort to avoid him, she swerved and had an accident involving broken bones.  Personally, I think it’s time to boycott the street until the drivers shape up…

Happy Hibernation!


4 thoughts on “Full moon for a full month?

  1. I so whole-heartedly agree, but thought maybe I was just imagining things, or my attitude needed adjustment.

    I realized this week that when there is an accident, even if the cars pull to the side, the parties of interest set up camp in the right lane for arguing and phone calls, blocking traffic even tho their cars are off the road.

    Did you see the an American woman hit three children and killed the 12 year- old? I was wondering what the story was. It reminded me to be extra careful

    • Kinzi, it’s certainly not you imagining things. Something’s going on! I’ve noticed the accident-weary arguers as well. As for the American, I hear (and we all know about the lack of accuracy of rumors in Amman) that she intentionally hit the kids for bullying her children. I also understood that she is perhaps a newly-minted American… I’d imagine she must be to think that an American passport would get you out of a serious crime in a sovereign country. We may be an arrogant lot, but we usually realize that we can’t commit murder (or even manslaughter) with impunity…

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