The Joy of the Season (The Rainy Season That Is…)

So yesterday I snapped some pictures of the Beans enjoying Jordan’s too brief, desperately necessary rainy season.  We occasioned quite the confused interest from passersby and neighborhood residents.  After finishing lunch, during our walk home, I told the Beans they could hop in as many puddles as they wanted.  This one so perfectly captures that moment of lift-off just before the big SPLASH!

Of course, after the frog-fest all of their clothes had to be changed, but the laughter and joy was SOOOO worth it.

Later in the evening, I went to a birthday party where the Moms expressed their overwhelming joy at the rain.  I assure you in nearly every place in the US I ever lived (even the desert) people were much more likely to curse the rain and the annoyances it brings that celebrate its arrival.  But, I guess being one of the most water-poor nations in the world changes your perspective, no?  You’d think more people would have an appreciation for puddle jumping, wouldn’t you?  Well, we’ll bring the fun to Jordan, one spectator at a time!

Happy Hopping!


6 thoughts on “The Joy of the Season (The Rainy Season That Is…)

  1. Fantastic! I really love overcast and rainy days sometimes. It’s almost like saying, slow down a little, take it more slowly today and even rest. And for sure with the way I LOVE flowers, they appreciate the rain, so maybe we can learn from the flowers, too. So glad the kids are learning that it’s OK to enjoy the puddles and rain instead of cursing it! I guess it’s all in your point of view!

    • Meme, indeed. I agree that overcast rainy days are nice, particularly when you cay stay home and watch them from inside the house. Here, people love them even when they have to go out and do things all day… And the dust! Talk about tracking mud, I love seeing their perspective on this one.

  2. Songs about rain and such

    Just like strange rain – Elton john
    Raindrops keep falling on my head – BJ Thomas
    Who’ll stop the rain – Creedence Clearwater frevival
    Singing in the rain – Gene Kelly
    Laughter in the rain – Neil Sedaka
    It’s raining again – Supertramp
    Walking in the rain – Barry White
    Louisiana Rain – Tom Petty
    Kentucky Rain – Elvis Presley
    Shadows in the rain – The Police

    • Totally agree. They had such a great time playing in the puddlicious world. Oh, and fun today too. Silent dreams of sweet sleep-overs in progress from what I heard at bedtime.

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