Cheesecake with a side of cancer?

So yesterday, I went on a lovely outing with a slew of foreign gals.  Some are American, some Australian, some Arab, some European…  basically take a microcosm of the world, and that was us.  We went to try out Aunty Hanady’s Cheesecake shop on Medina Tubiyyah in Dabouq.  The cheesecake is out of this world.  Really, I’m not saying it’s good for Jordanian cheesecake.  This cheesecake would make it just fine in the US.  Easily.  It was the perfect consistency (the biggest problem here), the taste was excellent, and no canned toppings in sight (can I tell you how much I hate canned blueberry pie filling on foods?).  So, it was a wonderful time, right?  Well…

The morning would have been just right if not for the fact that the shop is small and a single smoker makes the entire play feel like a cigar bar.  When we entered, no one else was there and it was lovely.  A guy comes in alone and lights up.  Within minutes the whole place was unbearable.  After the large part of the group left (we were about 10 or 12 ladies), three of us remained.  A pair of women came in who, based on their enthusiastic greeting and reception by Aunty Hanady (one presumes) are either royalty or her mother-in-law.  Unfortunately, these two were also smoking.  Endlessly.  Unfiltered cigarettes.  Sigh.

I can get past the bizarre, do-it-yourself deli-style ordering system, but I’m not sure I can get past the smoke.  A friend said she’s been hearing more and more complaints about this.  Makes me think that Aunty Hanady needs to give some real thought to who she wants to attract.  Most Americans are used to pleasant smoke-free public places.  And, as I recall isn’t there a health law requiring non-smoking in restaurants?  Either way, I’d recommend the cheesecake, but take it to go.  Really, it’ll taste great anywhere except in a smoky shop…  Here’s hoping Aunty Hanady can find a way to balance her customer’s needs.  After all, if you want the large groups of foreign ladies to come, the smoking locals have got to go… outside at least.

Happy Cheesecake Factory!


4 thoughts on “Cheesecake with a side of cancer?

  1. Go into any local Gov’t office and you are greeted with friendly employees with pen in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Of course, all these offices have huge No Smoking signs but what do you expect when the sergeant at arms in any building is smoking a cigarette as well.

    I tried canned topping once on my cheesecake but never again. I buy fresh strawberries and make the topping at home. Yummy

    • Joe, well, we all know that smoking in government offices (under the no smoking signs) is a very different thing. Regardless, smoking kills your business as well as your body ;). Oh, and as for canned. Let’s not even go there **shudder**. Fresh strawberry topping sounds very nice. Of course, the fact that you actually MAKE cheesecake is more remarkable than anything…

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