When Procrastination Goes From Activity to Art Form… But Maybe I Should Blog About That Later

I was going to title this missive, On Why I Will Fail At Nano This Year.  But really, it’s about more than just that, isn’t it?  I have pretty much embraced the fact that I am going to fail at National Novel Writer’s Month.  I mean, I’m at barely half of the desired word count for today.  I have 35,000 words left to write and there are 12 days left, so it’s looking grim.  I could blame it on the fact that this year’s novel is feeling uninspired, uninspiring, and flows like lava that has crusted over but let’s be honest it’s more than that.  So, let’s list off the things I’ve been doing instead of writing…

  1. Sleeping: Yep, today when I had nothing special going on, the kids are at school, the grocery shopping’s done, and I’m free… I had a 3 hour nap.  Words written so far: 0
  2. Eating: Yesterday instead of buckling down and writing, I went to Thanksgiving dinner with friends and enjoyed many wonderful hours of visiting, chatting, and stuffing my face.  The Beans protested loudly when I told them they would have to leave finally after 3+ hours.  Words written yesterday: maybe 40.
  3. Visiting with friends: Somehow when I most need to be writing, every friend I have schedules something far more interesting from breakfast at Aunty Hanady’s to a Girl’s Night In (maybe I schedule that one, I don’t quite recall) to breakfast at someone else’s house.  I had like 1 free morning this week.  I used it to sleep (see number 1).  Total words in the last 7 day period: 7000, required words: 12,000 (oh and did I mention I was already behind?)
  4. Running errands: I’ve been peppered with errands that needed to be run getting information from the kids’ schools and things.  They’ve been VERY helpful in the procrastination game.  The one free morning I had this last week… used it up running errands.
  5. Reading books:  I had put any new books on hold for November because I knew I needed to write.  Somehow they crept into my consciousness and I ended up reading 2 books (one of them is a really long one too).  I started a third but found it dull, so I dropped it.  After all, if I’m tanking my word count, at least let it be for a good book. right?
  6. Internet Down: My internet has been having issues for a couple of days which, of course, means I can’t write.  Why it means that I have yet to figure out, but it does.  Somehow the lack of connectivity gives me writer’s block.  Go figure.  Words written with my internet down: less than 1500, required words: 5000
  7. Diner Dash and Cake Mania: Yep, that’s right.  After not playing either game in months, I just had to play them again this week.

All in all, I imagine you can see where this is headed.  It seems this month ANY activity is more interesting than writing.  Oh, and I forgot to add blogging, because this would be the perfect time to get a little quiet, uninterrupted writing time in and what am I doing?  Blogging of course!  Here’s hoping the rest of my WriMos have better luck (and more concentration than a dog faced with three squirrels)…

Happy Writer’s Block!



2 thoughts on “When Procrastination Goes From Activity to Art Form… But Maybe I Should Blog About That Later

    • Ooooh, I can blame it on you? Golden! Kinzi gave me the procrastination bug. It’s not lack of interest or commitment, it’s just a virus going around. Don’t come near me, you might catch it. In fact, reading this blog is a sign you’ve already caught it. Run! Run now!

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