A Season of Learning Through Fun

So, in cleaning out and getting rid of things that are way too young for the Beans these days, I came across a small box of cards. They’re rather magical cards, I think.  Not magical in the beanstalk and golden hen way.  Rather, they’re like Mommy magic.  I’m sure we got them for a birthday or other gift-giving opp somewhere along the way.  I have no idea who gave them to us and wish I did because they deserve a big mommy thanks.  If I could find them, I’d buy them in bulk as gifts because they’re awesome.

The cards are little science/art projects that you can do.  They’re fun, the ingredients are reading available, and the kids love them.  You can see them here (50 Science Things to make and do).  They include things like making a movie (you know like when we were kids) by drawing small pictures on a notebook of paper and flicking them really fast), mixing vinegar and oil together to understand the properties of things that don’t actually combine (and making a nice salad dressing), making an acrobat out of card stock and modeling clay to demonstrate gravity (the base weighs more than the body), making a spider that goes up and down his web (friction).  My favorite so far was the one we did yesterday… using marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti, we learned about shapes and which ones are stronger.  The best moment?  When, just after an explanation of one of the concepts JujuBean says, “Wow, Mom, you’re really smart.”  Thanks Usbourne… you’ve fooled my kids into thinking mommy’s got science brain.

In honor of short exam days, we’re doing a science project a day… and it has been fun!  I encourage you to grab your own set of science cards and have a ball with your kids.  The activities don’t take alot of time and make learning new ideas fun.  And teachers, check out these cards… you’ll learn something new that you can pass along!

Happy Einsteins!


4 thoughts on “A Season of Learning Through Fun

  1. Fantastic! It sounds like fun to me! It may have been one of the things I bought for them while I was over there, but didn’t feel like it was present material! I love that kind of thing, always have. Way to go smart mommy! Glad the young uns are finding them fun! To me science IS fun. I won school, city and went to state science fair when I was in Jr. High school! FUN!!!

  2. Cool!! One of my favorite experiments….is filling a cup with water…makins sure there is no air in the cup. the placing a piece of paper on the top of the cup. then flipping the entire thing over as the paper keeps the water from spilling! (do it outside or over an empty tub!
    Air Pressure Magic

    A full glass of water held upside down without losing a drop of water! Fill a glass to the top with water. Place a piece of paper on top of the glass. Flip the glass upside down really fast and let go of the paper. The water is pushing the paper down but the air around the paper is pushing it up with a stronger force. You can help it by pushing the paper firmly on top of the glass so that no water leaks out. Construction paper works best. Have fun!


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