Rolling Power Outages? What’s Up With That?

So this evening as the Beans were busy playing and I was busy… well, being busy the power suddenly dropped out.  TetaBean mentioned it had happened to her a couple of nights ago so I wasn’t shocked.  Unfortunately the Beans can’t sleep if there’s no “night-light” which is a hall light of course.  So, I with my phone flashlight and they with my iPad sought a solution.  It got me thinking, though.  Most year s we’ve seen rolling power outages to conserve energy in the summer when AC usage and power consumption is high.

This year, I’ve been hearing about gas shortages (and I know how ironic that seems to everyone across the ocean).  First I heard that propane cylinders (used for heating homes and cooking) were gone (thank goodness we’ve got a clever guard who had some put away).  Next I heard that diesel shortages were being reported, meaning no more hot water.  Guess I’d better fill up the tank in my car quick before that becomes the next casualty.  But it also got me thinking.  During the summer, allergic folks and asthmatics began reporting serious breathing issues just after the government reported that electricity delivery issues in the Sinai had cut off our receipt of power from Egypt.  The back-up plan was fueling power plants by using diesel.  So, did I miss the announcement this winter that we’d be using diesel?  Or are we still using diesel?  Interesting to think that these outages are strategic relief valves intended to keep power going in the long run.  I wonder… anyone know anything?

Happy Candle-light!


4 thoughts on “Rolling Power Outages? What’s Up With That?

  1. Some people purported that the gas cylinders issue was fabricated by the government to divert the people’s mind off the political reform drive & or at the very least slow their progress and extinguish their zeal. As for the rolling power outages, there was an announcement about it made at the local Arabic dailies newspapers.

    • Interesting. Actually, though, it seems like we go through this at least once a year. I wonder if it’s about the ability to process the petroleum. I heard there was some sort of announcement about outages, but not what reason it gave. Ahh to be that fluent in Arabic…

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