I’ve Seen the Future of Chores… and It Is Cool!

Okay, so many families are undoubtedly much farther along the path of assigning chores than we are.  One of the (negative?) off shoots of having full-time, live-in help is that the kids aren’t really expected to do traditional chores.  There’s no taking out the trash or sweeping floors, setting the table or doing dishes.  While they are expected to clean up after themselves and put their own laundry in the laundry room, that’s kind of it.  And, since the expectation isn’t there, neither has an allowance been there.  Today I was reading an article on what to do to set up your kids’ iPhone and iPad touches and came across something I find very interesting.  Apple actually allows you to give your kids their allowance using iTunes.  So, no more need for cash, your kids can get their allowance on iTunes and use it for music, movies, books, apps, anything almost.

Intrigued, I searched for the app (it’s not an app as I discovered) and came across a world I had never even imagined.  Close your eyes (well, okay you can’t because you’re reading this but you get the picture) and imagine this world.  Mom and Dad and kids sit down and assign chores.  They load them onto their children’s devices and the devices calculate how much allowance is owed for each chore.  Wow.  Now that is cool.  I can see kids doing chores just to play with the apps.  And there are a world of apps out there.  After looking around, I found that what Apple does is allow mom and dad to set up an automated allowance that adds money to Junior’s account at the end of the month.  For me, I’d actually like to see the ones that track by chore able to interact with iTunes and automatically create a gift card or something.  Other parents were also wishing for the ability to have the chores push onto the devices (you know to interrupt games with an alert).  I agree that would be cool.

To be honest, I’m kind of considering giving myself an allowance on iTunes.  That way I can spend on games and such, but only to a specified amount.  It will make it much easier to control and manage.  Hmmm… it’s a brave, new world out there!

Happy Allowances!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Seen the Future of Chores… and It Is Cool!

  1. WOW! Fantastic ideas! Who’d ‘a thunked! And to think that many people in my generation won’t have anything to do with the computer. I really like the thing! Most of the time!

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