The Reign of Silence is Ended! Jumping Beans Have Landed…

For some of you, my faithful three readers, this is old news.  But for some, it may be a shocking revelation.  The Bean family has unfortunately (or fortunately depending on perspective) jumped out of Jordan.  After many years of trial and tribulation (and joy and celebration), we made the move to the happening, bustling, Gulf.  I can say with all honesty that the move promoted very mixed feelings for me.  In the last nearly six years, I made close and I’m certain life-long friends.  I have a love affair with Jordan that will certainly continue unabated, if from a distance.

But then in six years El 3atal’s professional life was rather stagnating.  He didn’t have as much to challenge him and few people were able to offer growth and development and mentoring.  So, the Gulf is a new experience.  The Beans and I are treating it as an adventure and so far are quite happy.  While missing their friends terribly, the one who most wanted to go missing them the most, they have settled into a new school and are making friends.  They are having their first school adventure in all English and loving it.  Removing the language barrier is allowing them to progress admirably in a new system that approaches education very differently.  We miss the Arabic input, but once we’ve settled into the new system, we’ll see about a tutor to handle that…

At any rate, we’ve been a world of minimal contact given the vagaries of hotel internet connections and it’s left me behind in my confessions of absurdity.  So, for that, dear readers, I apologize heartily.  Soon, you’ll begin seeing my new posts from a new venue and continuing adventure.  Rest assured that I have not been resting on my minimal laurels.  I have been snapping funny photos nearly daily and have a backlog of posts in my mind about life that will wow you.  Sadly I missed our first livestock moment with the camera.  I was too slow and it was over too quickly, but I’ll tell you all about it.  Stick with us, friends, we’re back up and running!

Happy Hopping!


16 thoughts on “The Reign of Silence is Ended! Jumping Beans Have Landed…

  1. Eventually and it could be sooner and it could be later you and your family will be heading back to the good old USA. Meanwhile, good luck with in the Gulf., It will be another brand new cultural shock. I know I sound like a pessimest but the thing of it is I been there and I’ve that.

    • Thanks for your kind wishes. The beauty is that everywhere brings a new type of culture shock, which helps you remember that gosh-darn it, you don’t know everything, teehee.

  2. Whew! finally there!!! Both you, and the post. You are SO dearly missed (especially today, as you probably figured out) BUT, knowing this is such a good thing for your fam, seeing the great opportunities lessens my sadness as I see your joy. Miss you, bas SO excited to see what god has in store for you there.

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  4. I just knew about your new life in the Gulf from Kinzi’s blog. Wish you and your family all the best. I guess soon we will find out whether the customer service in UAE is better than in Jordan or not 🙂

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