Livestock Moments… In Our New Home

So, in our first month here, we’ve already had a livestock transport moment…  I was driving in downtown and saw the sheep hanging out (and wishing they were hanging on when they saw how fast this guy takes turns) in the back of a truck, it was pretty baaaaad.  Grabbed my phone and snapped a shot.

Then, the other day we were having a breakfast discussion of the chicken-crossing-the-road jokes and why and how they make sense (they don’t).  The kids and left El 3atal and headed off to school.  We were less than a block away in a busy residential neighborhood when we saw a rooster leading three chicks across the road…  A whole new round of senseless jokes ensued.They were nothing to squawk about, though.

And we though livestock moments were special for Jordan…

Happy Farming!


6 thoughts on “Livestock Moments… In Our New Home

  1. The sign says port Zayed so this must be Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The Gulf is actually six countries on one side with another big one on the other side but you already knew that.

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