Warning: Another Entrapment Scandal Coming

So, seeing the uniqueness of misspellings and odd writing was one of the wonderful things about Jordan.  I had worried a bit that the UAE would prove less multitudinous opportunities to post silly things.  Never fear.

Anyone else think they’ve been reading too many headlines?  This is found on the glass cover for the oven (Americans, it’s beyond explanation).  Yes, indeed.  Warning, FINGER entrapment is likely…  It’s refreshing to hear it used this way and not in relation to a scandal dealing with sex, drugs, or police officers, no?

Happy Evasion!


6 thoughts on “Warning: Another Entrapment Scandal Coming

  1. From a UAE English language Daily

    A few tips if you’re new to Dubai’s roads:part 1

    1. If your road map is more than a few days old, throw it out and get a new one.
    2. Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Dubai has its own version of traffic rules, which can be summarized as “Hold on and pray!”
    3. If it is your priority to cross, forget it and wait.
    4. All directions start with Sheikh Zayed Road, which has no beginning and no end.
    5. If you are driving a Corolla, Sunny, or another small Japanese car, stay on the far right lane.
    6. Most roads mysteriously change names as you cross intersections.
    7. The minimum acceptable speed on the Emirates Road is 160 km/h. Anything less is considered downright rude.
    8. Anyone in a Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol… with tinted windows has the right of way. Period!
    9. Never, really never use indicators and back mirrors.
    10. Driving a car is the best time to use the phone, do the make-up, read the newspaper all at the same time.

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