Gourmet chef or Cooking school dropout? MommaBean admits to a serious failing…

So those of you who know me know… I hate to cook.  like hate it.  With a passion.  That burns inside me.  I find the whole process tedious and dull.  I think every kitchen implement was designed to enslave women… well except those who love to cook anyway. And, mostly as a result of disinterest, I’m not particularly great at cooking.  I mean, I make really amazing froofy, frilly, over-the-top items (you know cake pop Santa and reindeer, fabulous fruit concoctions, exceptional cakes).  But the day-to-day cooking, can’t be bothered.  So, given that we’re still working on a residence permit for HelperBean here in our new abode, guess who’s in the kitchen?  (Okay for those of you who have assumed that Pizza Hut would be doing most of the cooking, you’re not far off…)

But, given that fast food everyday is way outside of my tolerance level and the kids still have to have lunches for school (that don’t include peanut butter! Yikes!).  So, MommaBean’s been inhabiting a more kitchen-centric world than usual.  On the plus side, the UAE offers some of the easy-to-make foods that I used in the US (turkey bacon and turkey hot dogs anyone).  One the downside, it doesn’t offer enough of them…  But, I’ve been struggling and making it with varying degrees of success.

The Beans are fairly clever little guys and have realized that mommy hates the kitchen.  As a result, they’re being unusually supportive and say the sweetest things.  It started in the hotel.  I made them spaghetti one night and baked chicken another.  ButterBean said, “Mommy, you’re a really good cook.  I like to food you make.”  Awww, from the mouths of babes comes the compliment that shows they don’t know good food, teehee.  I mean, the food was fine, but I assure you, neither I nor El 3atal were posting on Facebook about how awesome it was.  But it seems like every other day now I’m getting comments about how good a cook I am.  I will admit right now, it tickles me.  They’re so sweet about it and so cute.  But, my food is just plain old everyday ordinary food of acceptable quality.

I’m counting myself lucky that a) the Beans don’t have gourmet taste and b) HelperBean should be coming soon.  Because, heaven knows, if I have to think up any more kids’ lunches, I’m likely to go mad.  And that’s with sending them to school with Subway sandwiches once a week.  So, please HelperBean, put on your winged shoes and come today!  The nice thing is that kids appreciate our effort as much as the result, it seems.  And in the end, I think that perhaps they taste the love in the food, because my taste buds just don’t find the same wonderful flavor…

Happy Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams!

4 thoughts on “Gourmet chef or Cooking school dropout? MommaBean admits to a serious failing…

  1. Aw, how sweet! And you are fantastic with some things like a BEAUTIFUL watermelon fruit salad basket! Wonderful! But I must report that when I told you to come work with me and learn to cook, your response was that you were going to marry a man (still in high school, mind you) who had enough money that you could eat out every meal!!! Ah, the dreams of the young. BUT, you did it! LOL. So I would say, gourmet cooking school drop out! Still loved by all, anyway!

    • HelperBean is, in fact, not a man. But she does love to bake. More than my hips should experience to be frank. And she enjoys cooking in general. She reads recipe books and tries out new stuff. As her to do an art project with the kids… welll… torture for sure ;).

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