Oh, Is THAT Why You’re a Laughingstock?

I came across this article, as usual, from a friend on Facebook.  It outlines the fact that google is being sued by a Frenchman for making him the laughingstock of his village.  You see, when google’s StreetView application was making the rounds of this 3000 person village, it captured the man in question urinating in his front yard.  He’s suing google for damages because the entire village apparently recognized him.

Does anyone else think that maybe the reason they recognize him with a blurred out face is because he’s known for URINATING on his front lawn?!  I mean, seriously. He claims he thought he wouldn’t be visible because his gate was closed, but the camera caught him over the fence.  Again, is the issue really the fact that google caught you or the fact that you would urinate on your front lawn?  As for me, I’m guessing that this fellow was the laughingstock of his village LONG before google caught his impromptu performance.  But maybe that’s just the cynic in me… Thoughts?

Happy Candid Camera!


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