Where the Streets Are Paved With Gold…

Okay, not quite, but gold has featured large in my world today.  The other day as HelperBean and I were driving around doing various government required steps on the path to a residency permit, we saw a Lexus with a diamante encrusted back hood ornament (at least I HOPE they weren’t real diamonds).  It reminded me of the US car that came out with its front and rear hood decorations gold-plated.  The funny thing is that in the world of project management there is even a technical term, gold-plating.  It refers to giving the customer a Mercedes when all they really need is a Yugo (anyone else remember those?  Raise your hand if you had to Google to find out what that was!).  Well, today it was all-gold all the time.

First I came across the ever-necessary gold vending machine.  No, not a vending machine MADE of gold but rather one that VENDS gold.  After all, how many times have you been shopping in the mall and just wanted to buy a wee gold bar.  Nothing’s more portable than gold, right?


Next, as I was perusing a very dull magazine about Regional Business (really longing for Jordan Business about now), I saw the below ad.


That’s right, the 24K gold-plated smart phone is a must for any corporate gift or recognition program.  Can someone tell me who their clients are?  I’m feeling the need to start working, if just to get one of these babies!  HelperBean’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw this ad.  

These little reminders help highlight what a different world it is here.  In Jordan, I’d be surprised if many people think of gold beyond wedding dowries and newborn gifts (a tradition that’s gone a bit out of fashion with the current high prices for gold).  Here, they sell it in the mall (wonder if the machine actually does any business?) and put it on cell phones.  I love seeing how different places are and this is most certainly different.  Anyone else wondering if soon the streets really WILL be paved with gold?

Happy Golden Eggs!


2 thoughts on “Where the Streets Are Paved With Gold…

  1. I was floored when I saw gold/jewelry shops at the airports in Dubai and Kuwait – I guess people can’t wait to get outside to start buying gold. 🙂
    On another note, being a project manager myself, I’m so curious about your career path and would love to chat further with you if possible! Let me know if you would be open to it!

    • Funny thing is (and this is another post in itself), my location doesn’t have the gorgeous over-the-top jewelry pieces in the malls. But they have a gold vending station…

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