Because Gerard’s is Known For… London Dairy Ice Cream, Of Course

This weekend, the Beans and I were out for a day of fun while El 3atal was traveling.  In the course of the day, we’d gotten hot and hungry so I suggested that we stop by Gerard’s and get some ice cream.  Here they were, each planning which of their favorite flavors they’d get from among Gerard’s world-class offerings.  Would they straw/blueberry, maybe Skittles, perhaps his delectable chocolate wedding cake ice cream.  Imagine our surprise and exceptional disappointment when we found… London Dairy ice cream on offer.

And not even really nice London Dairy flavors.  The maybe three flavors of ice cream looked old and uninspiring.  All the mouth-watering thoughts of a taste of Amman were dashed.  They were replaced with a Gerard’s Cafe without what Gerard’s does best.  Not sure I get the point of Gerard’s with no ice cream.  We left and went to the London Dairy shop in the same mall.  There at least the flavors were fresh and plentiful (you know like 25 or so).  But still, I was so pleased to see Gerard’s had made it here and so disappointed to find that it isn’t the Gerard’s we know and love.  Sigh.

Happy Scoops!


2 thoughts on “Because Gerard’s is Known For… London Dairy Ice Cream, Of Course

  1. Spoken with chin out and lower lip so far out you could do a dance on it! I’m sorry. That’s really bad. Almost false advertising! Happy scoops to you all another time!

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