Offer Available Only When… Well When It’s Not Available

So, one of the upshots of moving to a new home and opening a new bank account (with an awful, awful bank I think I’ve talked about them before) is that they sometimes give you nice things.  Our move here precipitated an interesting free gift.  Like many places, our new home has a coupon booklet that you can buy to get discounts on area attractions and eating establishments.  Our bank issued us a special one for free.  It’s just a mini-version, but it has a number of nice buy one get one free coupons in it.  The only catch is you must use your bank credit card to pay for the item you buy.

Generally, that seems like a reasonable request.  In fact, I usually DO pay with my bank card.  However, I came across one coupon for an ice-skating venue that we used last weekend.  It totally cracked me up.  On reaching the establishment, El 3atal found that he had insufficient cash to pay for all of us to skate.  So, he asked if they take credit cards.  They informed us that it was a cash-only establishment.  So how, I ask you do you redeem a coupon that is valid only with a credit card purchase at a cash only establishment?  I look forward to trying it out… I can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue.

Happy Unavailability!


One thought on “Offer Available Only When… Well When It’s Not Available

  1. You are SOOOOO picky! LOL That is the funniest! It’s only available when you use your credit card, but we don’t accept credit cards!! Hahahaha. Oh, my! Love this place. Still. It gives you something to do, learning all the new wrinkles! Enjoy!

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