The Potty-Mouth Epidemic

Lately, I’ve become rather disturbed by the level of what I am calling “casual cursing.”  Somehow words that used to be worthy a soapy mouth have come to be no big deal.  I’m seeing it alot in music these days.  In our new locale, we tend to listen to Virgin Radio.  One of the reasons I prefer them is that they actually cut out bad words.  I have to say that most of Eminem’s music is quite funny when listened to this way.  You only hear every third or fourth word.  But it’s also very interesting to see what words are no longer censor-worthy.  They censor out words referring to smoking marijuana and women’s genitalia.  And yet, they leave in the words hell and damn (well, what would Avril Levigne’s song have left without it?).  So somehow these words that were particularly rude when I was young have become a common part of daily vernacular.  How did that happen?

Have we gone so far down the road of gangsta culture that we’ve lost a sense of what words are appropriate for prime-time and what aren’t?  We went to see a movie the other day and the first trailer they showed was for a thriller (I’d likely call it a horror movie) with the word Hell featuring prominently.  I can imagine few movies less kid-friendly and few trailers less appropriate than the one for this movie, Battleship it seems.  In case you are wondering, we were there to see The Lorax.  So, apparently the theater decision makers thought this was an appropriate audience for this trailer.  Can imagine where they got this idea.  I stopped to complain about this one.  After all, I certainly don’t need a scary movie trailer teaching my children to have a foul mouth, right?

But it has gotten me thinking… how did we come this point where potty-mouths are common place on the radio?  Since when did such words become acceptable?  I had to stop the beans watching CakeBoss because I felt the language they left in, not bleeped, was inappropriate for young children.  But I wonder, will I have to take everything away? My own mouth has a tendency towards rude uses of terrible language, but not in front of the kids.  As far as they are concerned those other drivers who pull particularly stupid moved are noodle heads.  So why then are we letting society teach our children that casual cursing is fine?  And how, I wonder, do we stop our kids from picking it up and thinking it is, after all, fine?

Happy trash talking!


7 thoughts on “The Potty-Mouth Epidemic

  1. Thanks. I was feeling like such a Luddite the other day. I like Pinterest, but the casual use of the B-word on so many pins makes me cringe. It seems the meaning of the word has shifted in the past few years, but it still is offensive to me.

  2. At school this week I had to pull a high schooler aside and get him to change his shirt. He had taken his uniform shirt off to play basketball at break and his t-shirt had the f word on it. He refused at first, until I took him to the head of discipline and then he got an earful. Weird thing was, I don’t think he or his friends understood why the shirt was so awful. Was this a case of ignorance (bad words don’t sound so bad when it’s not your first language) or are they just that desensitized from overuse of foul language? Ugh.

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