Hope Springs Eternal

Oh my faithful, hopeful, three readers.  How have you hung on this long?  What happened to MommaBean? Where did I go?  Honestly I’m not totally sure.  But, here it is just after midnight and I am signing in and acknowledging that I have let myself down… This summer I had so many excellent blog posts in my mind (some of which I hope to post in the coming days).  But I was way too busy living life.  Before the summer, well, blogargy (that would be blogging lethargy) just slammed me.  I’m here now, trying to make a come back and thank each of you who continues to check in and see if Queen Slacker-Bean has posted anything new.  More is certainly to come.  They say it’s like a bicycle, one you learn to ride you fall off and swear off the thing but then try again and realize you can do it after all.  Wait, IS that what they say about a bicycle?  Okay, I digress.  Of course my entire blog is kind of a digression, so what’s new?

Tonight (and yes I really should be in bed), I’m thinking about birthdays.  We made it through the little bean birthdays shortly after our move.  We then celebrated El 3atal’s birthday (without him as he was in another state) over the summer.  And now, mine has arrived.  Had the wee beans and El 3atal not reminded me, I would honestly have totally forgotten.  Somehow, it just isn’t a thing anymore.  I’m not dreading it nor am I anticipating it.  It’s just another day, after all.  So I wonder, when do birthdays turn into just another day?  30?  35?  At what point do we stop wishing we wee older and either a) wish we were younger or b) enjoy the age we are?  Any thoughts?

Happy Blogargy


4 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. At some point it again becomes a fun day — for goodness sake, I made it this far, this MUST be a celebration! And IT IS! It’s so wonderful seeing your own and their little ones growing up and you celebrate that, too! Thanks for the post. I’m glad you’re back, even if only for the moment!

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