It’s Sheep We’re Up Against…

Okay, so the original occurrence of this sentiment is in this awesome song by the Housemartins (so yes, you’re getting a two-fer of obscure musical references and funny pictures, ladies and gents).  I’m embedding it below (If I can figure out how)

I’ve loved this song for a few decades ;).

On our recent summer vacation trip including a zoomy visit to Jordan, we were literally up against the sheep.  I’m dropping in a few pictures of something that just doesn’t happen in the US on a major highway.  To be fair, a few hundred yards before this they did have a sheep crossing sign.  If you see a livestock crossing sign in Jordan, take it seriously!


We came upon the sheep while driving on the Dead Sea highway.  They came up fast.  They soon had us surrounded, quite literally, as seen below.


Once the main flock went on about their business, we still had to wait for the stragglers.  I found myself amused by their very straggley-ness…


Since living in the region, I have often found myself in this position, the sole person moving against a flock of sheep.  Everyone’s going one way about their business and to get to another route or path, you have push and move, and body-block.  Some days it just seems it would be easier to go along with the flock, no?  Come to think of it, I had many of those days in America too.  So, maybe all of us humans are just sheep sometimes…

Happy Claustrophobia!



2 thoughts on “It’s Sheep We’re Up Against…

  1. In northern California there are duck crossing signs and once I had to stop while some ducks were crossing the roadway.

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