A Day of Celebration

Yeah, for those who came here thinking I’m an operative for a terrorist organization, shame on you.  In actuality, based on some things I heard last year from families of victims, I’ve decided that from now on I won’t write sad and mournful pieces on this annual say of sorrow and grief.  Instead, I’m going to celebrate.  

I’m going to celebrate my friend Ramzi.  I might not have met him, but his sense of mischief, his zest for life, his general positive outlook shines in the hearts of those that knew him.  Even knowing that some of that may be the watercolored memories of someone we’ve lost, the guy was jokester.  He was a brother, a friend, a son – he LIVED.

And I’m also going to celebrate Robert Talhami.  He was a Jordanian like so many others… he never really lived in Jordan.  He was ours by nationality if not by lifestyle.  I will celebrate the father of young sons who was taken too soon, but made a difference while he was here.  The son who was looking forward to bringing his mom into his home.  In short, I’ll celebrate the man Robert was.

And in doing so, I know I’m honoring both of these families.  I hope that they too are celebrating the life their loved-one led.  I hope that they throw a huge party… and if they’re not to that point yet… well, I’ll hope that one year soon they will be.  And I’ll also hope that the year they get there, they invite me to the party because I want to be there in person to celebrate these brothers of mine.  It would be an honor to meet their loved ones and celebrate their lives.  For me today, I’m celebrating them and remembering that they lived and made a difference.  They were here.  They were ours and all of Jordan should be giving a huge party in their honor.  Because they were.

Happy Celebrations!


4 thoughts on “A Day of Celebration

  1. As a mom, I love your idea and would think your consideration an honor! What a good idea! We only need to cry for so long, then we need to celebrate and remember with joy and take inspiration from it! Thanks for your celebratory spirit!

    • Those are all great ideas and wonderful tributes… although I’m really hoping they get to the point of throwing a party. I love the giving time idea far more than giving money.

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