Considering coming out of retirement… again

It’s funny how habits are made depending on what’s going on with you at specific times in your life.  In Jordan, I blogged nearly every day for years.  Once we moved, I found it harder and harder to keep up the discipline.  In fact, all of my writing discipline flew out the window.  Last year, for the first time since starting, I didn’t even manage to participate in NaNoWriMo.  Sigh.  Somehow my new home made it far harder to manage writing.  But really, perhaps that’s just a cop out.  I had lost interest and focus.  But I think the time has come to rediscover discipline.

I saw an article on Facebook this morning about a Jordanian woman who is sitting in jail for refusing to carry out what appears to be a wasta-laden court ruling in contravention of Jordan’s laws.  Her husband, who kidnapped his child and took her across national borders, is not in jail.  And it made me think about how very blog-worthy that is.  The next article I read was an open letter from Rachel Corrie’s parents on the anniversary of her murder while peacefully protesting the razing of homes in Rafah.  Wait, Rafah, wasn’t that one of those places that those terrible Palestinian terrorists live that the Israeli’s had to take out last year?  Surely the youth of today aren’t angry about their homes being razed 12 years ago!  12 years.  And that wasn’t the beginning ladies and gentlemen.

And then, thinking of Rachel reminded me of Nicole Vienneau, a Canadian who disappeared in Syria.  I stumbled upon her story back in 2008, the year after she went missing.  Every March, Rachel and Nicole pop up in my minds.  And for a couple of years I blogged about them.  And then last year wandered by without my marking either occasion.  And then this year the open letter got me thinking about how much I miss blogging.  And so, I think MommaBean is coming out of retirement.  Not because of my 2 or 3 loyal readers who still check (really?), although they are great.  Really more because it’s a great way to order your thoughts and keep track of them over time.  So, if anyone out there is still listening, let’s begin our conversation anew.  I miss you, dear loyal readers.  And I miss me, the blogging me.  So, let’s find each other once again…

Happy History!


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